Claims Avoidance, Administration & Conflict Resolution

Claims Management

Course ID:               GICM510
Course Duration:   30 Hours / 30 PDU

Claim Avoidance

A claim avoidance program can preserve Employer-Contractor relations & save time and money.

Employers, Contractors and Engineers/Architects should establish claim avoidance strategies before, during and after construction.

As a minimum, claim avoidance strategies should include training of personnel and development of procedures to handle disputes as they arise.

Claim avoidance means that disputes don’t arise or they are settled at the earliest time and at the lowest level.

Claim Administration

Recognizing, preparing, and resolving claims arising out of construction contracts. This course concentrates on all types and aspects of construction claims. The course objective is to help you avoid and resolve construction claims and disputes. It is an intensely practical program. The course begins by defining the claims and their types. It then concentrates on the preparation of construction claims and describing the link between claims and the contract. Finally, an in-depth discussion of the methods of settlement is examined. Critical to the course's success is the recognition that, unlike general commercial disputes, construction controversies is special, requiring for their efficient disposition, a unique blend of legal knowledge, technical understanding, project management comprehension, and experience.

 Section I –: Claims – What they are and why they occur

 Section II –: Claims Types

Section III –: Claims and Contract Clauses

Section IV –: Claims Preparation and Documentation 

Section VII –: Claims Settlement and Disputes Resolution 

Conflict Resolution

Wherever two or more parties come together, there is bound to be conflict. 

- Crucial Conflict Resolution Skills.

- Steps process that is used to modify and resolve a conflict of any size.

·  Who Should Attend

This course is meant for everyone – clients/owners, government officers, contractors, consultants, project managers, commercial managers, project planners, subcontractors & suppliers, lenders, and lawyers. In its approach, this course plays even-handed consideration of the problems of all. 

Duration:     A Total of 30 hrs over 10 days – 3:00 hrs per day,