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SPHRi [ Senior Professional in Human Resource International]

Course ID:               GIHR2004
Course Duration:   75 Hours / 65 PDU


Senior Professional in Human

Resource International



The Senior Professional in Human Resources - International™ (SPHRi™) is a global, competency-based credential that is designed to validate professional-level core HR knowledge and skills. This credential demonstrates a mastery of generally accepted HR principles in strategy, policy development and service delivery. Independent of geographic region, this credential complements local HR practices. Through demonstrated knowledge, this credential enhances the credibility of HR professionals and the organizations they serve. This certification is only available to candidates who practice outside the United States.


To sit for the SPHRi exam you must have:

·    A minimum of 4 year of experience in a professional-level HR position a Master’s degree or global equivalent,

·    A minimum of 5 years of experience in a professional-level HR position a Bachelor’s degree or global equivalent, OR

·     A minimum of 7 years of experience in a professional-level HR position a high school diploma or global equivalent.


Computer-based Testing (CBT) at a Prometric testing center 

Exam time: 2 hours and 30 minutes

Exam length: 105 multiple-choice questions + 25 pretest questions


Review the SPHRi Exam Content Outline for details.

SPHRi Exam Weighting by functional Area:

Ø  HR as a Business Leader (32%)

Ø  People Development and Talent Management (29%)

Ø  HR services Delivery (23%)

Ø  Measurement (16%)


SPHRi Outlines

The Senior Professional in Human Resources- International tm [SPHRitm]- credential demonstrates mastery of generally accepted HR principles strategy and policy development as well as service delivery. The credential is developed to validate core HR knowledge and skills and demonstrated mastery of generally accepted principles, independent of geographic region, from professionals practicing human resources outside of the United States. Through demonstrated knowledge, the credentials enhance the credibility of HR professionals and the organizations they serve.

FUNCTIONAL Area 01: HR as a Business Leader

Leading the HR function, providing strategic HR consultation to senior management, and developing partnerships with all areas in the organization. Contributing to the overall strategy of the organization through activities such as evaluating organizations considered for mergers and acquisitions, conducting human capital analyses, and understanding global HR issues.

Functional Area 02 : People Development and Talent Management

People Development : Utilizing a set of systematic and planned activities designed by the organization to help people develop the necessary skills to meet current and future organizational needs and objectives, creating an organizational environment that encourages and retains the employees;

Talent Management : identifying and developing relevant individual and organizational competencies; developing and using a talent management strategy to sustain long- term, effective alignment with organizational strategies to achieve human capital objectives; establishing a learning environment in which continuous professional development includes staying current in HR practices.

Functional Area 03: HR service Delivery

Using effective HR service delivery methods to deliver accurate and consistent programs that support sustainable organizational growth. Creating an environment where all employees can find HR service delivery methods used by a group that may be applicable across the organization; defining and implementing compensation an benefit programs and managing employee arrivals and departures from the organization as appropriate.

Functional Area 04: Measurement

Encouraging an d supporting the establishment of individual and organizational performance metrics, using the results of these metrics to improve employee Performance and increase value of the organization.


Exam Fee + Application Fee: $595 

*application fee is non-refundable


The SPHRi is offered throughout the year. 


Your SPHRi certification is valid for three (3) years after testing. To remain certified, you must earn 60 recertification credits, of which 15 must be Business Management & Strategy credits, over the three-year time span OR retake the exam. To learn more about recertification.


  • Green International Pioneered and the first to offer (SPHRi) exam preparation (HRCI) courses in Egypt since 2013 and now SHRM-CP - SHRM-SCP (SHRM).
  • The highest success rates for our attendees 75%-85% pass the (SPHRi) exams.
  • Using the most effective learning methods and techniques to deliver (SPHRi - SHRM-CP/SHRM-SCP) programs content with the highest quality and the best learning environment. 
  • Instructors are Certified (PHRi/SPHRi and SHRM-SCP in addition to MSW (HRM) Masters’ Degree and Diploma in Training and Development Certificate and 18 Years of HR practical experience multinational companies and consultation in India and Gulf.
  • During the course we cover the exam five functional areas, we use several training methods and instructional techniques to link the Human Resource Management core knowledge with practical experiences, using:
  • Qualified and certified instructors.
  • Class-room environment provides networking opportunities.
  • Outside the-classroom assignments help reinforce seminar sessions.
  • Sample test questions and periodic progress checks keep you confident in your breadth of knowledge.
  • Real Life Examples from Multinational and Local companies. 
  • Case Studies. 
  • Group Discussions.
  • Exercises. 


1.  To Ensure the Deep Understanding Of Core Concepts And Practices    Practically.

2.  To Ensure the Transfer Of Learning To The Workplace.

3.  To Ensure that Participants Understand How (Sphri™) Exam Questions Works

4.  To Ensure the Best Utilization for the Invested Time and Money in the Program from all Participants 

5.  To Ensure that Participants Understand How (Sphri™) Knowledge Can Add Value to Their Work and Career.