PSP - Planning & Scheduling Professional (AACE-USA)

Course ID:               GIPS0300
Course Duration:   30 Hours / 30 PDU

What is the PSP™?

A distinguished task force of industry experts assembled by AACE® International created the PSP™ program. In 2007, it earned accreditation by the Council of Engineering & Scientific Specialty Boards (CESB) and the International Cost Engineering Council (ICEC). The intent is to recognize specialists who meet a demanding set of planning and scheduling criteria by a rigorous examination, experience, education and ethical qualifications. The PSP™ requirements have been established to reflect the sophistication of individuals in today's planning and scheduling industry and to fairly measure their knowledge, experience and best management practices.

PSP™ certification will distinguish you as a Planning and Scheduling Professional who has the knowledge and skills that impact the bottom line. With AACE Certification, you can be sure that you have met a high quality standard.

Summary of PSP™ Certification Process

Candidates for the Planning and Scheduling Professional (PSP) designation must meet these minimum requirements:

Experience requirements

At least 8 full years of professional experience, of which up to 4 years may be substituted by college/university degree. Related degrees include: engineering, building construction, construction technology, business, economics, accounting, construction management, architecture, computer science, mathematics, etc.

Submit application and fees

AACE Members  Fee : US$ 125

PSP Exam Fee  : US$ 350


Submit the application, work/education verification and fees, at least 40 days before the next exam date to be scheduled at an exam site.

Document experience/education

Applications are reviewed and verified. Please submit a copy of college degree(s) with your application, plus any letters that could expedite the verification process.

Pass the examination

To become PSP™ certified, a 70% passing grade must be achieved on the 7-hour exam as determined by the Certification Board.

The examination process

The PSP™ examination consists of four parts (1 hour 45 minutes each).

Part I is Basic Knowledge. It consists of multiple-choice questions concerning the basics of planning and scheduling.

Part II is Planning and Scheduling Applications. It consists of multiple-choice questions involving planning and scheduling scenarios.

Part III is a Practical Exercise. This part entails answering a series of multiple-choice questions concerning various aspects of a single problem.

Part IV is a real-time Communications Exercise. It requires the candidate to draft the equivalent of a one-page typewritten (maximum) memorandum to simulate reporting on planning and scheduling analysis to the project manager, explaining the issues and proposing a solution regarding a given problem..

As your career advances, PSP™ goes with you

The PSP™ designation is versatile. It is a mark of distinction. As with any specialty certification, a primary concern is to ensure that all credentials are always up to date. That is why the program requires you to recertify every 3 years by either professional credit plan or re-testing. The recertification program is designed to ensure that you have maintained continued expertise through work experience, continuing education, professional development, and active involvement in the profession. BOOKS