Value Engineering and Management ( VE & VM)

Course ID:               GIVE0510
Course Duration:   40 Hours / 35 PDU


Value Engineering (V.E.)is a methodology that is known and accepted in the industrial and engineering sectors . It is an organized process with an impressive history of improving value and quality . The value engineering process identifies opportunities to remove unnecessary costs while assuring that quality , reliability , performance and other critical factors will meat or exceed the customer’s expectations . The improvements of value engineering are the results of recommendations made by multidisciplinary teams representing all parties involved,so V.E. is a rigorous ,systematic effort to improve the value and optimize the life cycle cost of facility.


Value engineering techniques can be used to achieve a number of objectives, which can save money reduce time;and improve quality,reliability,maintainability,and performance and it also make contributions to improve human factors, such as attitudes, creativity and team work, also value engineering extends the use of financial, man power and material resources by eliminating unnecessary or excessive costs without sacrificing quality or performance, and in value engineering decision making can be improved by using the team approach .

Unnecessary costs that lead to poor value are generally caused by one or more of the following factors: Lack of information, lack of ideas, temporary circumstances, honest wrong beliefs,habits and attitudes, change in  requirements, lack of communication and coordinates and out dated standards and specifications.      

By completing this training course, participants will gain the following benefits:

·         Define the concept of quality and value for their businesses

·         Apply value engineering principles in their projects

·         Eliminate unnecessary costs

·         Apply Function Analysis Techniques

·         Know the basics for defining and choosing among alternatives

·         Maintain team work concept in their work

·         Apply creative solutions in projects through effective brain storming techniques

Course outlines:

1.      Introduction to value and quality and their relation

2.      What is Value ?

3.      Benefits of VE / VM to organizations

4.      Objectives of VE Studies

5.      VE in Contracts

6.      VE Job plan

7.      Information phase of VE

8.      Function Analysis and FAST Diagrams techniques

9.      Creativity, innovation, and speculation phases

10.  Team building

11.  Development Phase and weighted evaluation matrix

12.  Life Cycle Costing( LCC) concept

13.  The recommendation and presentation phase

14.  VE case studies in different sectors

15.   VE workshops

16.   Trainee's Case Studies

17.   Program Closing

Generally, Value Engineering is a 5 day workshop. After the workshop is organized, the report is compiled The report gives all the methodologies and options available to save or minimize the cost of the project on which the workshop was held. 

Who should attend?

Engineers of different majors, Project managers in engineering firms, and all who are responsible for improving quality and value in Engineering projects.

 Program Training Methods

·         Theoretical Lectures through data show presentations

·         Team  and role playing techniques

·         Practical Workshops and discussion panels

·         Actual projects and could be customized towards the company projects

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