Engr.R.Ravichandran, B.Eng,PMP.,
      Director of Projects
Engr. D. Bashyam, B.E (Civil)
      Chief Operating Officer (COO), Corporate HQ
Engr.V.Ramamoorthy, D.C.E, B.E.,
      General Manager - Tendering, Contracts and Cost Management
Engr.M.Rajagopalan, B.Eng(Civil&Struct), M.E(GeoTech)., - Corporate HQ
      Vice President & Strategic Advisor of Project Management Division
Engr.K.Balraj Rethinam, B.Eng (Civil&Struct)
      Vice President, Business Development - Project Management & Construction Management Services
Engr.S.Viswanathan, B.Eng.,(Civil&Struct), M.S.,(Struct)
      Director, Design & Construction Management Services
Engr.N.Natarajan, B,Eng.,(Civil&Struct), M.E (Struct),M.E(Env),PMP.,
      Vice President, Construction Management Services.
Engr. S. Sivakumar, B.E ( Civil & Struct)
      General Manager - Construction Management Division