Mr.G.S.Bascarane, Asst.Manager, Kuwait

The Management & Staffs were very supportive throughout the course period.Strong support and proper guidance was provided by an efficient instructor who gave a fresh and outstanding outlook for the course.

Course Name: PMP

Mr.Ilanchelian, Electrical Engineer, Kuwait

The course was very informative and really prepared me for the test. The instructor was very concise and deliberate. My overall experience of the course was excellent.

Course Name: PMP

Mr. Ravi Kumar, Project Design Engineer,Kuwait

Without taking this course I would not have been able to pass the PMP Exam. Overall the course filtered out the most important information from the PMBOK, which helped me to better understand project management, and improved my ability to study for the PMP Exam. Instructor did a great job of covering the material and kept the class focused.

 Course Name: PMP

Mr.Renjith Krishna, Mechanical Design Engineer, Kuwait

The course was really excellent. I could have never imagined that just by doing the course, I would be able to get through certification. The way the course structure has been defined really accelerates the learning process… The instructor has been the key to our success.

Course Name: PMP

Mr.Segu Yussuf, Head Of Research & Evaluation Studies, Kuwait

Reasonably good institute. Institute shall help customer in fulfilling all paper works related to PMI & Simulation tests be allowed to the more extent."

"Good course to learn."

Course Name: PMP

Mr.Salu Thomas John,PMP , Planning Engineer,

I passed the PMP exam on  January 2012 Thanks for all .


Mr.Ullas Joseph,Procurement Officer, Kuwait

Convenient & Flexible Training session.Good class room environment .I am happy to have such training for an internationally recognized certification.

Course Name : PMP

Mr.P.Dhanapathy, Project Manager, Kuwait

The course was well organized and structured towards achieving PMP certification. I am very satisfied with the content. The course helped me to increase my confidence level of passing this exam. Excellent trainer. The class was taken in such a way that, I was able to concentrate throughout the sessions. I will give 100/100 for his training skill.

Course Name: PMP

Mr.Loay Ramadan, Executive Manager, Kuwait.

Appreciating the efforts performed and you’re insisting to make good successes; this course had increased our understanding for projects and the way for a professional performing of project management, Thanks.

Course Name: PMP

Mrs.Kamila Begum Segu Yussuf, Sr.Engineer(IT), Kuwait

Green international is highly recommendable institute for those who want to elevate their professional career.PMP Course an Educational Course. It adds & cultivates & adds knowledge on my professional career.

Course Name : PMP


Mr.Anil Reis Lobo,Security Supervisor,Kuwait.

Good institute in imparting training in all fields. Excellent, precise and well tailored for the students to write the exam. No doubt all students taking this course will end up as Certified PMPs.

Course Name :PMP

Mr.Mohammed Nizar Budair,Field Engineer,Kuwait.

Green International is fully equipped with good staff and presentation. Course is fully informative regarding LEED Green Associate.

Course Name: LEED GA (Green Associate)

Mr.Imran Aly Abbas Saleh,IT Specialist Engineer,Kuwait

The training was really useful and it gave confidence to write PMP® exam apart from learning in depth in Project Management.

Course Name : PMP

Mr.Jayadev Vasudevan ,PMP., Sr, Technical Consultant

 I'm happy to inform you that I passed the PMP exam on August 2011 Thanks for all your virtual classes and excellent materials.

Mr.Shabbir Hussain Kagzi,PMP

I am very happy to inform you that I have passed PMP exam on 21 May, 2012.

I thank  Green International , staff team & trainers  for their support and helping me  prepare  for pass the PMP exam.

Mr.C. Periyasamy,PMP

 I am very glad to inform you that I have passed the PMP exam which i have taken on 12th September, 2011. Thank you very much for your valuable guidance and support.

I would like to thank also  Trainers  for their excellent training, which was very helpful for me to understand the concept easily.

Mr.Justin Joseph, PMP

This is to inform you that I have passed the PMP exam.

Thank you very much for your support.

Mr.Rajesh Kumar,PMP

 I am pleased to inform you that, I passed the PMP exam ,Thanks for all coodination and support extended to achieve this.

Mr.Marwan Sinno, PMP

 I'm glad to inform you that i have passed the PMP exam. I'm very grateful to my instructor Mr Fareed for all his efforts.Thank you for your support and guidance.


I am very glad that I passed the PMP exam on my first try and Green International materials helped me very much.

Mr.Asif Shah,PMP

Would like to inform you that I've just passed my PMP exam. Thanks for your support to passing the examination 

Mr.Dayanidhi Dhandapany, PMP

Very happy to announce that I am a PMP certified professional. It does feel really great to be a PMP. Green International staffs and Trainers are helping me to entire preparation phase.

I strongly recommend Green International to everyone.

Thank you for Green International Team!

Mr.Suresh Thomas, PMP

 This is to inform you that I have attended the PMP Certification Exam and have successfully passed the PMP exam. 

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all your support and to Mr. Yogi Desai for the courses, training and insight that he has provided. 

My sincere appreciation to Green International for all the support and study material that was provided which was in itself crucial and effective for the exam certification. 

Once again, thank you very much

Ms.Vanitha, PMP

 I have successfully completed my PMP certification in the first go. Thanks to Green International for preparing such wonderful material. Mainly helped me to understand the key concepts of all the areas.


Hi everyone I Passed!

I am very pleased with the results and could not have done it without the instruction and tips provided within your class

Thanks for Green International 

Mr.Sebi Tharakan Verghese,PMP

 Please be informed that I passed PMP exam, Thank you once again for your Coaching guidance & help.

Mr.Hakim Baghdadli,PMP

I am please to inform you that today I passed the PMI-PMP exam successfully.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all, and especially instructor for his support advice and time.

Ms.Vanitha, PMP,CCE

This is to inform you that I have passed the CCE exam.

Thank you very much for your support.

Mr.Sasikumar, LEED GA

I passed the LEED Green Associate test with a great scoreThanks for Green International.

Mr.Santhosh Joseph,PMP

 I am happy to inform you that I have passed. Thanks for all your support and guidance.

Mr.Kumaravel, LEED GA

 I am please to inform you that today I passed the LEED GA exam successfully.

Mr.Kamardeen Nazurudeen,PMP

 I Passed!!!!!!!!! Thank you soooo much, would not have been possible without this course and your support.

Thank you!

Mr.Joseph Stephen,PMP

I'm very delightful to say that I've cleared the PMP exam today in the First Attempt.Special thanks to Trainer for the guidance and support.


P.S: I took the exam in USA .


 I Passed PMP, Thank you so much for all your help.

I owe you and the Instructor a huge THANK YOU!! Y'all were great and I appreciate everything that you taught me!!

Mr. Vuppala Sailendra PMP

 I passed the exam! First, I want to say thank you for your valuable insight and support during this process! The tips, keywords, and brain dump proved to be instrumental in my success. Next, the Instructor's suggestions prepared to answer the questions well.

Mr. P.Saji ,PMP

 I am glad to inform you that I have successfully passed PMP exam. Thank you very much for Green International for the excellent support.

Mr.Yessar Kasber ,PMP
I passed the PMP exam!
Thank you for all your guidance and helpful tips! It all helped in making me better prepared for taking the exam. 
Mr.Krishnan Prakash, PMP

  I passed. Thanks for the excellent class and instruction.

Mr. Ruamne Anees Ahmed,PMP

 I Passed PMP Exam !

The instructor did a great job introducing the material, keeping the class on track,and providing memory clues for topics and questions. 

Ms. Mary Boshra Rizkalla ,PMP

I took the PMP Certification test and successfully passed.

I appreciate all the help and special insights you provided. I am looking to put into practice the many tools and processes I have learned.

Mr.Debashish Dasgupta,PMP

  I successfully completed the PMP exam last week on my first attempt. Thank you so much for your help. 

Mr.Veera Senthil,PMP

I have passed the PMP certification Exam today

My sincere thanks to Green International; they are Part of my achievement of this milestone.

Course materials are more aesthetically pleasing than other vendors. Instructors were knowledgeable and easy to follow. Also, was willing to go the extra mile to ensure our success.

Mr.Faisal Baddar,PMP

 I passed the PMP Exam today. The faculty was very thorough and was genuinely active and interested in seeing all of the participants obtain the PMP certification.

The training really helped. I finished with 45 minutes left and was so confident in my responses, 

Mr.Sreekumar Gopinathan Nair,PMP

Today I have passed the PMP Exam

I express herewith my gratitude to Green Staff, Special thanks to the Trainers 


I successfully completed PMP; I would like to thank the entire team of Green International for effectively facilitating my PMP certification.

I am thankful to my Mentors, Keep up the good work.


I would like to inform you that I passed the PMP exam.

I express my sincere thanks to your institute and the staff memebers for the orientation and training given to me in order to prepare well for the exam.
Mr.Sudhir Sukumar,PMP

 I passed my PMP certification. I commend the instructor for a job well done on teaching the PMP prep course.

Course Name: PMP

Mr.Priyadharshan Reddy.PMP

 I Passed!!Thanks for the great instruction. The instructor did an exceptional job keeping it interesting and worthwhile.

Mr.Ramanan Balasubaramana,PMP

I have passed the PMP certification Exam today

My sincere thanks to Green International; they are Part of my achievement of this milestone.

Course materials are more aesthetically pleasing than other vendors. Instructors were knowledgeable and easy to follow. Also, was willing to go the extra mile to ensure our success.

Mr.Prakash M Nair,PMP

 I took the exam and PASSED! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR ALL OF YOUR HELP! Definitely couldn't have done this without you!

Mr.Roshan Marian Dias,PMP

 I passed the PMP test!! Thank you again for your support and guidance. 

Mr.Murtuza Nadiadwala,PMP

I passed the exam so I'm really happy about that! It was as you said it would be.
Thanks for the training that you gave; I'm sure it was a big factor in passing. It's interesting 

Mr.Nadeem Shirshikar,PMP

I passed!! The class was extremely helpful and I was able to go back to the materials and study prior to taking the test. 

Mr.Ajay Pal Singh,PMP

 I passed the PMP Exam! I think the Green International stuff paired with the PMBOK worked really well. 

Mr.Ashok Kumar,PMP

I just want to say thanks for all the help, support and encouragement from the faculty in passing my PMP exam.The faculty that was exactly what I needed, a motivator and encourager and someone that kept me on track and pushed me towards the finishing line. Course material in itself, is fantastic and a good tool for preparing for the exam. The course was excellent and delivered exactly what I needed. 

Mr.Marwan Sinno.PMP,LEED GA

I'm glad to inform you that i have passed the LEED Green Associate Exam. I'm very grateful to my instructor Mr. Senthil for all his efforts. Thank you for your support and guidance.

Mr.Gokul , LEED AP

I passed the LEED GA & LEED AP, thanks to Green International. 

Mr.Walid Abu Dhaher,LEED AP BD+C

 I passed the exam, Thank you Green International for having a great prep course and instructor! I took the LEED Green Associate & LEED AP course. Instructor was spot on with the information he gave us, and the practice questions and tests were very effective. Thanks


Mr.Balaji Ganesan, PMP

 I passed the PMP.The class was convenient on the weekend. Size of the class was perfect and good material structure.


 I passed the PMP exam today! Thanks so much for your help.

Mr.Kamaraj Manoharan, PMP

 I passed. Thanks for everyone's support. I could not have done without you all.

Mr.Kirubaharan Selvaraj,PMP

Have completed my PMP certification .Let me thank M/s.Green Int'l for thier excellent support from the start of the programme till certification.

Notable are the great tutors ,who guided us very neatly on the every aspect of the exam and advising us to make notes on every knowledge area and the most frequent questions that prop up during the exams.

Not to forget the services and the support i personally got from Green International  team since registering at PMI, booking for the exam with Prometric centre and the support enjoyed from the on-line books and the simulation exams.

 This made me very comfortable and strong enough to complete my course within two months.My wishes to M/s. Green Int'l and humble thanks for all their services.


I Sucessfully Passed PMP ,  Excellent instructor and I will surely recommend this class to my colleagues


I passed the PMP Exam. My instructor was very good. Good use of ‘real’ examples and realistic presentation made it easy to understand the various terminologies

Mr.Ranjith Rajkumar, PMP

 Took the exam and passed! 

Ms.Sangeetha Shiva,PMP

Highly focused on the course objective. Excellent value. Instructor was highly knowledgeable and engaging. I will recommend this course to colleague.

I passed the exam yesterday. I have already mentioned this prep course to a couple of colleagues. Thank you for an overall great experience.

Mr.Selva Muthu Kumaran, PMP

I passed the PMP today!!!Thanks so much for your support and for an excellent teacher. I appreciate everything you did for me.

Mr.Priyadharshan Reddy.PMP,PMI-RMP

I passed the PMI- RMP. Thanks for all your assistance.

Mr.Sushant Amarnath Chakravarty,PMP

I passed!! Thank you so much for all of your help and especially your study tips and testing techniques.

Mr.Ravindra Mittal,PMP

 I am happy to announce that I passed and now am an official PMP thanks to my instructor! Not only did you equip us with the materials needed to pass the exam but you also provided ammunition for our future success as PMs.


 I passed my PMP certification exam today. Thanks for preparing me so well with the class.

Mr.Gurjit Sig,PMP

 I passed the PMP exam. I am quite happy and wanted to thank you for the course and the energy you invest in it, it was definitely worth !!

Mr.Saqib Javid,PMP

I passed the PMP exam. Thank you again for the excellent tips and tricks,I couldn't have passed it without your guidance! I will definitely be recommending your class to other members on my team who are interesting in taking the examination.

Mr.Jikky Kuruvilla ,PMP

May M/s Green International  pioneer and train more professionals towards successful careers.

My PMP trainer , who is quite well versed in calming nervous/uncertain minds (like mine), when it comes to studying.  He has a unique method of imprinting thoughts on the basics mentioned in PMBOK guide somewhat permanently in our minds.  I am sure everyone in my batch would agree to this.He would also raise discussion topics which would force us to think about what we had learnt in class.
Mr.Jean Claude,PMP

 I passed the PMP exam! Thank you very much for all your assistance and support.
I enjoyed.

Mr.Micheal Samir Boushra,PMP

I Passed. Thanks much – your class was instrumental in the preparation that allowed me to successfully take this exam. 

Mr.Anil Mathew,PMP

 I Passed! The class provides the instruction and guidance necessary to confidently sit for the PMP exam. Great material, instructor, pace and delivery. I would definitely recommend it.


 I passed the PMP exam. The instructor and course prepared me to take the PMP exam

Mr.Madhusudan Jyotiram MULIK ,PMP

I am very pleased to inform you that I passed PMP Certification exam some time back. I take this opportunity to express my sincere thanks and appreciation to Green International and Trainer ,Greens gave me an opportunity to attend complete  course again during this month, without this refreshing it was not possible to clear this exam as I had done this course in Year 2011.  

 Thanks for all the support provided by Green International 

Mr.Mohammed Dia,LEED GA

The class covered/ highlighted key concepts. Experienced and knowledgeable instructor. Felt prepared for the exam after the course. I passed too! Thanks for such a class.


 Great Instructor, great location, great support  and great class. I have passed the PMP exam

Mr.Jose Afonso, PMP

 The instructor was great and very well prepared. The study material was specific to the point. I did it..I passed the exam today. 

Mr.Prakash Mishra,PMP

 I successfully completed the PMP exam last week on my first attempt. Thank you so much for your help

Mr.Hakim Baghdadli,PMP,LEED Green Associate,

 I passed my LEED Green Associate  exam. Thank you for all the guidance and assistance provided by  Green International, This my Second Certification studied with Green International,

Mr.Jinu Mathews,PMP

 I passed!! Thank you for all your support. The instructor is great. He had great knowledge and takes her time to explain key concepts. 

Mr. Krishnan Nainar Pillai ,PMP (Director ,Gulf Spic Kuwait)

 Instructor was very good. He spent an appropriate amount of time at all levels of the processes and gave a very clear idea of what to expect from the test. The process of what to do to pass the test was good and I felt very confident of my ability to pass the first time.

Yes I passed on the first time taking the test.

Mr.Maan Maulalla,PMP

 Great Instructor, great location, and great class. I have passed the PMP exam.

Mr.Joel Titus,PMP

 Thanks for all your help in the class. I did pass and was proficient or moderately proficient in all areas. Thanks again for all your help. 

Mr.Shible P Lukose,PMP

 I Successfully passed the PMP , Training materials were concise and very helpful with test preparation. The faculty was very good job at explaining materials, answering questions and providing real world examples.


 Thank you for the course and your positive support.I passed the exam .

Mr.Waleed Shaalan,LEED GA, (Vice President,SSHI - Kuwait)

I got a PASS in the LEED Green Associate  Certification exam.

I would like to appreciate your Training including those Tricks of the Trade, which really helped me to score a PASS in the LEED Green Associate Certification.

Definitely I would recommend the your Training  to anyone who want to get a PASS! Guaranteed!

It was a wonderful course packed with all necessary stuff with the sole purpose of how to make the candidates get a PASS in their Certification. Especially, I liked the Training materials combined with the Trainer's knowledge and experience, which perfectly worked in sync with the candidates like me, throughout all the sessions. 

Mr.Alok Sood,PMP

 I passed the PMP exam. Thanks a lot for the support and advice.