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Green Intl is conducting a blend of Virtual & Class Room Training Sessions from 09 Sep 2020

Greetings from Green International, Qatar

We are conducting MMUP Qatar Exam Preparation Training with a blend of Virtual & Class Room Training Sessions from 09 Sep 2020 to minimize the Risks during the current Corona situation

Participants shall attend either classroom session or participate in the session from the Home/Workplace through Video conferencing tool as per their convenience.

All the best for your UPDA MMUP Exam Preparation efforts

Green International is a Leading and Pioneer MMUP UPDA Exam Training Center in Qatar conducting MMUP Civil, MMUP Mechanical, MMUP Electrical, MMUP Architecture, MMUP Chemical, PMP Certification Training, UPDA Exam Syllabus / MMUP Exam Syllabus training. We are providing high quality comprehensive exam focused training and study materials and documents submission support for MMUP Exam in Qatar to achieving MME License in 1st attempt through our Mock Up exams and full fledged intensive coaching.

  • Leading and Pioneer #MMUP UPDA Exam Training Center Qatar
  • MMUP Qatar exam preparation
  • #PMP Exam preparation
  • #Best Institute for PMP Certification Training
  • 120+ Engineers per month availing our training services.
  • 7500+ Engineers obtained our training services
  • UPDA conducts exams 4 days/week, with nearly 16 different sets of questions circulated on a Monthly Basis.
  • UPDA conducts the same exam for 30+ different country Engineers, each country follows different textbooks and syllabus. Green international is providing a suitable platform for the preparation of the UPDA Exam for working professionals as it is not easy to get time for revising all engineering subjects individually.
  • Green Intl classes would help individuals to focus on the fundamentals of Engineering and a few important areas, which increases the chances of clearing the exams
  • Our Past training participants sharing their exam experiences and questions through our 100+ groups
  • Those who are availing of our training will be able to learn updated course contents & the latest FRQ asked questions in your live classroom training sessions.
  • Green Intl training is the Best shortcut method and easiest way to achieve the MME License
  • Providing UPDA EXAM SYLLABUS TRAINING and QCDD License training for Mechanical and Electrical Engineers for those who have achieved MME License

We are happy to update the Training Schedule for Jan 2021


06 Jan 2021, Sat-Mon-Wed, 7.00pm-10.00pm for 40 Hrs 

UPDA Civil

03 Jan 2021, Sun-Tue-Thu, 7.00 pm-10.00 pm for 30 Hrs

UPDA Mechanical

06 Jan 2021, Sat-Mon-Wed, 7.00 pm-10.00 pm for 30 Hrs

UPDA Electrical

09 Jan 2021, Sun-Tue-Thu, 7.00 pm-10.00 pm for 30 Hrs

UPDA – Chemical

06 Jan 2021, Sat-Mon-Wed, 7.00 pm-10.00 pm for 24 Hrs

UPDA Architecture

11 Jan 2021, Sat-Mon-Wed, 7.00 pm-10.00 pm for 21 Hrs

Qatar Civil Defence (QCDD) Exam Preparation- Mechanical

06 Jan 2021, Sun_Tue-Thu, 7.00-10.00pm for 15 Hrs 

Qatar Civil Defence (QCDD) Exam Preparation- Electrical

09 Jan 2021, Sat-Mon-Wed, 7.00-10.00pm for 15 Hrs 

Qatar Civil Defence (QCDD) Exam Preparation- Architecture 

11 Jan 2021, Sat-Mon-Wed, 7.00-10.00pm for 15 Hrs 

LEED Green Associate (LEED GA)

09 Jan 2021, Sat-Mon-Wed, 7.00pm-10.00pm for 15 Hrs

Revit Architecture

12 Jan 2021, Sun-Tue-Thu,7.00pm-10.00pm for 30 Hrs

Revit MEP

15 Jan 2021, Fridays Only, 2.00pm-7.00pm for 30 Hrs


12 Jan 2021, Sun-Tue-Thu, 7.00pm-10.00pm for 40 Hrs

Primavera (P6) 

15 Jan 2021, Fridays Only, 7.30 am-11.30 am for 30 Hrs

Electrical Installation, Inspection, and Testing

11 Jan 2021, Sat-Mon-Wed, 7.00pm-10.00pm for 30 Hrs

Construction Site Management and Supervision – Advanced Techniques

17 Jan 2021, Sun-Tue-Thu, 7.00pm-10.00pm for 30 Hrs

Building Design Review

23 Jan 2021, Sat-Mon-Wed, 7.00pm-10.00pm for 30 Hrs

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Tel: +974 4476 0135 / +974 4476 0546

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Qatar UPDA Exam Courses Green International Qatar is a Leading, Pioneer, and High successful rated training provider for UPDA MMUP Qatar Exam. All the Engineers going through our rigorous coaching on Engineering fundamentals and practicing our 10-15 Highly focused Mock Tests ensures to Cracking their UPDA MMUP Exam in First Attempt. Green International’s Customized Syllabus with smart coaching, highly exam-focused Study Materials, and Mock Tests from Previous years Exam Questions shared in our dedicated WhatsApp groups for each batch of training for various disciplines until the year 2021, Latest Pattern of the exam with a right Weightage on various engineering topics. The above smart formula with our highly focused training and numerical problem-solving sessions will provide assurance of passing the exam in 1st Attempt QATAR UPDA EXAM COURSES QATAR QCDD EXAM COURSES PROJECT MANAGEMENT COURSES HIGH SUCCESS RATED TRAINING COURSES HIGHLIGHTS
  • Customized MMUP UPDA Qatar Exam Syllabus and Study Material
  • A high-Quality learning experiences
  • Highly interactive Live UPDA MMUP Exam training
  • Achieve success in 1st Attempt with our Highly focused 10-15 Mockup Exams
  • Save 76% efforts with Smart Preparation @Green International
  • Rigorous Coaching of Syllabus by 30+ years Industry experienced Expert professionals
  • Free MME Documentation submission support
  • High-Quality Video Recording of each Lecture
  • High Success rated UPDA Exam Training in Qatar
  • Continuous support and unlimited training until achieving Certification
  Contact our consultants for One Stop Service: Mob/WhatsApp: +974 6646 4941/+974 3340 3359/ +974 3110 0686 Tel: +974 4476 0135 / +974 4476 0546 Email:  /

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