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UPDA Electrical Mock Exam 5

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UPDA Electrical Mock Exam 5

Welcome to your UPDA Electrical Mock Exam 5

1. A motor is equipped with an optical shaft encoder to measure motor speed. The optical encoder provides 200 pulses per motor revolution. A micro controller equipped with a real-time interrupt (RTI) capability is used to measure motor speed. The RTI interval is 32.768 ms. The micro controller counts 372 pulses from the optical encoder in the RTI interval. The speed (rpm) of the motor is:
2. Of the following engineering disciplines, who would be BEST suited to design and operate an automobile factory
3. Which type of special-purpose diode is formed by a junction between a layer of metal and a layer of semiconductor
4. The voltage waveform generated by an alternator having 4 poles and rotating at 750 rpm will have a frequency of

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