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1.Part of a project is to Develop Product Specifications. This is best classified as an
2. An item on a project network is Design Software Completed. This is best described as a(n)
3. A sequence of connected, dependent activities is termed a(n)
4. The upper or lower cut off frequency is also called ………….. frequency
5. The output of a microphone is rated at -52 db. The reference level is 1V under specified conditions. What is the output voltage of this microphone under the same sound conditions?
6. Susceptibility is positive for
7. Two long parallel conductors carry 100 A. If the conductors are separated by 20 mm, the force per meter of length of each conductor will be
8. A 200 turn coil having an axial length of 30 mm and a radius of 10 mm is pivoted in a magnetic field having a flux density of 0.8 T. If the coil carries a current of 0.5 A, the torque acting on the coil will be?
9. The unit of flux is the same as that of
10. A semiconductor is formed by ……… bonds
11. A semiconductor has ………… temperature coefficient of resistance
12. The most commonly used semiconductor is ………..
13. When a pure semiconductor is heated, its resistance
14. The co-ordination number of a simple cubic structure is
15. The covalent bond is formed by:
16. Perfect conductor has.
17. The types of bipolar junction transistor are.
18. Which of the following motors is used in mixies/food grinder?
19. For class B operation the theoretical maximum efficiency is
20. A sine wave is passed through an amplifier which severely limits it symmetrically. If then passes to a second amplifier which is narrow band and tuned to the frequency of the original sine wave. What will be the output wave from this second amplifier?
21. An AON project network uses which of the following basic building blocks?
22. The ideal OP-AMP has the following characteristics.
23. Inverter is a circuit which converts
24. A super heterodyne AM receiver within an intermediate frequency (IF) Of 455 kHz is to be turned to listen to a station at 540 kHz. What tuning frequency is used in the local oscillator?
25. Are the conductors, which connect the consumer’s terminals to the distribution

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