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1. What is the Micro-strip Antenna?
2.A synchronous motor can be started by
3. Bode magnitude plot is drawn between
4. To get rid of DC offset use,
5. The size of a transformer core will depend on
6. The resistance of a 150-scale voltmeter is 12000 ohms. The power consumed by the voltmeter when it is connected across a 125 volt circuit, will be nearly
7. The dominant power in the embedded circuits is called
8. For an ideal OPAMP, the input and output impedances are
9. You are the PM for a high profile, construction project for a new hotel complex in Doha, Qatar. A budget of $475m was agreed at the outset and staged payments set for $75m at the start, $150 at month 3, $225m in month 4 and $25m in month 7 of an 8 month duration. It is now month 7 and an important stakeholder has just submitted a change request which, when you do an initial evaluation, you realize will mean a required scope increase and resultant budget increase of $92m, further resulting in a delayed completion of 3 months. All sellers are in full swing with their production plans and are happy that the project is coming to an end. There have been many challenges during the past 4 months and all of the teams have rallied together in overcoming them. What is the next action you should take?
10. BJT acts as a switch in which region
11. Three equal resistances when combined in series are equivalent to 90?. The equivalent resistance when combined in parallel will be ______________
12. If a power amplifier produces an output 10 times greater than its input, what will its power gain be, measured in decibels?
13. Spinning Reserve is the
14. What do we call Synchronous Motor working on a leading power factor at no load?
15. Ramp voltage at the O/P of OPAMP integrator is
16. Which breaker used as the main circuit breaker of power distribution in buildings?
17. Which of the following braking systems is used in Induction Motors?
18. When transistors are used in digital circuits they usually operate in the:
19. Which of the following is an ohmic resistor
20. If the fault current is 2000 A, the relay setting is 50% and CT ratio is 400 : 5, then plug setting multiplier will be
21. A 500 kW, 3-phase, 440 volts, 50 Hz, A.C. induction motor has a speed of 960 r.p.m. on full load. The machine has 6 poles. The slip of the machine will be
22. Ultrasound test used to determine:
23. The humming in a transformer is mainly attributed to
24. A stepper motor is
25. Three lamps are in circuit as shown in Figure given below. The lamp of 100 W will have maximum brightness when

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  1. Hi, please have a check on item no. 12. If we will use this formula “Power gain (dB) = 10×log (RF output power / RF input power)” then the output will be 10dB. Thank you.